Tackling Safety & Security challenges is what we do best.
We get you equipped for every emergency and uncertainties.

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Don't let the bad guys take you unawares.
Get equipped for your Defence, Safety & Security.

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We're strongly committed to making Africa a safer place for people,
properties and information, through our proactive approach
in tackling threats to Safety and Security.

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Our Mission
Our Mission
To equip people and organizations with the mental capacity, gadgets and improved systems to effectively combat insecurities and dangers in the society.
Our Core Value - QPEC
Our Core Value - QPIC
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Our Vision
Our Vision
To be the dominant firm in Africa ensuring the safety of people, properties and information in pursuit of a peaceful and stable continent.
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Experience our service with a difference

Are you building, or you have an existing structure such as your personal house, hotels, event centres, schools, office space, etc, or do you have a personal / official vehicle(s) or you need an eye over your properties and operations while you are involved with other activities? Engage our well experienced safety and security professionals to carry out those specialised services.

We carry out on your behalf:

  • Vehicle tracking and monitoring services
  • Safety and security surveys for equipment intallation such as spy cams, CCTV, Emergency/building Alarm installation
  • Remote Camera monitoring
  • Physical / Inspection, supervision

We ensure maximum productivity of resources employed

Our Team

We're a team of experienced safety, security and logistics professionals committed to ensuring your safety and security

Testimonial 1
Ikechukwu Maduako
GeoClean Services, Port Harcourt

Since I began to use ArmDSS tracking devices, I don’t need to worry any longer about monitoring my vehicle location, car theft, driver’s behavior, overspeeding, whereabouts of my deliverables…and the good thing is my fuel consumption rate has also been reduced.

Testimonial 1
Ohuchukwu Victory

I can’t stop singing this song of how I was delivered from rape when I visited a friend who was about forcing me into sex. All appeal for him to stop was futile until I triggered my ArmDSS Personal Body Alarm and neighbor came to my rescue.

Testimonial 1
Toju Sarah Agbedetse
Creative Director,
Tarie's Boxes

Monitoring my business remotely has being made very easy for me through the use of ArmDSS security cameras and spy wears, and my Stock recording simplified since the use of your automated data management system for my inventory management and stock inflow/outflow recording.

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